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Pictures of Gila River Camp
Fukuyama had won a Kodak award before entering Gila Relocation Camp. He was also experimenting with other types of photography, including panoramic photo collages (above) and hand colored landscapes. But primarily while in camp he photographed the traditional high school group shots and activities, other community activities.

Picture of Fukuyama Family

As the war in the Pacific began to turn the restrictions in camplife eased. This is a photograph taken outside the guard tower and barbed wire fense. It is opposite the water tower (can be seen to the left of the catus) and monument but overlooking the panoramic of the relocation camp. These relocation camps were small cities, housing 10,000 or more internees.
Picture of Fukuyama Family Picture of Fukuyama Family
Hideharu Fukuyama photographed his family extensively within the confinds of the restricted area of the internment camp. Here the water tank is behind them. Mrs. Fukuyama standing in the doorway with the children dressed for the family photograph. The family resettled in the Los Angeles area.

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